About Me

An Introverted Life

Welcome! My name is Edwige but everyone calls me Eddie. I am a therapist, a mom of 2, and a full-fledged introvert. I knew that I was always different (who amongst us doesn’t think this). But feeling this way always left me searching. It wasn’t until I got to college and started studying psychology and taking courses that I was introduced to introversion (thank you Myers-Briggs personality tests). Once I discovered introversion, there was never turning back. Of course, my life has been a lifelong journey of explaining to others why I act the way I do. Some of it is introversion, and some of it is my own individual quirks. And I am trying to live in alignment as an introvert in an extroverted world.


I am a trauma based therapist here in New Jersey. As a therapist, my passion is in helping people find and accept themselves as they truly are. I help people let go of pain and trauma and live a life that is fulfilling and inspiring. It is in my nature and my blood to help people learn about themselves and help them accept themselves. My role is to help others focus on making choices that support their mental and emotional needs.


Personally, some of the things that I am into include plants and gardening. I love puzzles, books, and lifelong learning.  My Kindle library contains books on meditation, philosophy, European detective mysteries, self-help books on habits and mindset, autobiographies, and parenting. I am a bit crunchy granola, a wannabe Hippie. If it’s Woo (i.e. tarot cards, astrology, alternate universes, hypnosis), I am into it. I  believe in a Higher Power called the Universe. I am guided, protected, and supported by forces beyond my understanding. I read tons of science and research articles. All things Psychology get me excited.

My Mission

Over the past few years, I have come to a crossroads. Whether it be the pandemic or other unknown factors, I have become a highly sought-after therapist and local speaker. (I’m not at Oprah status…yet). I am a mom to an active three-year-old, which requires much of my attention and energy. And I am about to become a mother for the second time. Outside of those obvious demands on my energy and attention, I have become much more protective of my own mental health and introversion.

I am realizing that I need much more alone time to recharge and replenish. As I have navigated the world, gotten older and become a mom, I realized just how important aligning myself to this personality trait contributes to my happiness but I also want to help others who I know are lost and are suffering out there. So I have decided to create this blog and put a little bit of inspiration out into the world.

Through this blog, I want to encourage you to lean into your introverted self.  You will be inspired you will be supported and you will know that you are not alone. I want to share with you what I have learned and am learning so that you can avoid some of the same pitfalls. Hopefully, you will laugh, you will think, you will share of yourselves with me and offer me insight too! This is a community and it takes a village.

Check out my professional site if you are looking for therapy in the NJ area. You can also check out my YouTube channel for mental health videos